How to Sell Clothing at Plato’s Closet

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Plato’s Closet is a second-hand store specializing in clothing and accessories where you can get branded goods at low prices. This remarkable retail franchise allows people to earn money by selling clothes they do not want to wear again. Whether you’re bored, need money, or any other reason just tries offering your clothes to this store.

Interested in selling your unwanted used clothes and earning money? Follow the way below.

How does it work?

Plato’s Closet is a secondhand shop that buys a collection of clothing and accessories from an onsite shippers/seller with cash. This technique is similar to book buying techniques at Half-Price Books. Bring new clothes or used clothes, get offers, and decide whether you want to sell everything or some of your merchandise. Price per item varies, but you can expect a few dollars for a sweatshirt or shorts, a few dollars for a blouse, jeans, and a skirt.

More expensive shoes and jewelry can produce higher profits. The store will mark your merchandise and sell it for profit, but they try to offer a maximum of 70 percent of the price of the mall.

What Goods Does Plato’s Closet Buy?

Plato’s Closet buys kids and young adult clothing and accessories with soft styles and accessories that are the famous brand, cool, hip, trendy, clean and in good shape. Without making an appointment, you can come to the store and they will buy your clothes and will pay you right away! Most of Plato’s stores buy and sell women’s sizes from 0 to 22 and men’s sizes are 28 to 40, and Plato’s usually buy the current style that still exists in the mall.

How do I get the best price for my goods?

  • Plato’s Closet is very interested in buying used branded fashion today, especially brands that serve a young audience like A & F, Forever 21, Hollister, Miss Me, and Pink by Victoria’s Secret. If you or anyone else have some goods from this list in your collection, the chances you will get a larger payment for your merchandise.
  • Make sure all merchandise is in a sellable condition. Carefully wash and ironing clothes, make sure there are no stains or tears. Clean and polish the shoes. Make sure the jewelry does not have loose beads or broken clasps.
  • Bring clothes that are in season (or slightly before the season starts). Some Plato’s store will not buy a summer sweater or tank top in winter-no matter how good the prices and condition are.
  • Make sure all sizes are within their purchase parameters. Most Plato’s Closet only buy women’s size up to 16 and men’s size up to 40.
  • Try a different location. If one place is saturated with, for example, jeans, your merchandise might be turned away, even if the condition is stellar. Try alternative locations before giving up; other places may require what you have.
  • Keep following the trends. Remember no mother’s jeans, no velvet sweat. Make sure your merchandise is what teenagers/adults in their 20s want: think of maxi dresses, fit tops, ballet ballets, and anything with striped motifs. Need more specific ideas? You can see the Plato Cabinet stores online style reports to help you know what’s hot.
  • Some locations offer a 10 percent increase of the “price” paid if you take it in the form of a store credit compared to cash.